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I am The Holistic Photographer.

I am a professional Photographer based in Shropshire and I travel the UK working with THE most incredible Medicine women and healers to document their magic and help them take up space.

I provide Personal Branding Photography for Holistic Business owners - helping them showcase their magic and empowering then to take up space. It is my belief that within the Holistic setting, many practitioners are too scared to level up their business for the fear of loosing their authenticity or being judged as 'not spiritual enough'. I am here to shoot those limiting beliefs down and help you showcase your magical offerings through the art of Branding Photography.

It is my soul purpose to help Women feel empowered and I do this through my magical Empowerment Shoots. These shoots are extremely personal and you are held in a space of non-judgement, honour, respect and love.

As a Shamanic Practitioner I am extremely aligned to spiritual and sacred ceremonies and gatherings. It feels so right for me to use my camera as a Tool and document the magic which unfolds when like minded people gather. This is why I made a commitment to capture retreats, Holistic events & sacred ceremonial gatherings.

I am not just a Photographer. I am a Holistic Photographer. Combining my spiritual practice with the art of a photography. I understand you and I understand the magic that takes place everyday. I want to be the one to capture this for you.


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Holistic Business

I specialise in capturing Branding magic for Holistic Practitioners. I help you tell your story in a non-intrusive way, capturing the very essence of who you are and what you offer to the World.

Through the natural and authentic images I can capture, you can build strong connections with your future clients through personal branding imagery.

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My soul purpose is to help you on your journey to Empowerment by showing you through my lens, the true beauty you hold inside and out.

Whether you feel called to connect to your Wild Woman, honour your sensuality or celebrate your personality - I have been placed in your path to be part of your journey and I am honoured.

We will work together gently and intuitively to tell your story exactly as you would like it told.

Collective Magic

As a Holistic Practitioner I hold a deep appreciation for sacred space held for the collective. This enables me to capture the incredible magic of retreats, gatherings and ceremonies in a respectful way that honours not only the space but each person present.

It is the most beautiful experience to document Collective Magic .

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The Photographer youv’e been waiting for

I’m not your standard Photographer and you will experience this for yourself. If you choose to work with me I can guarantee that you will receive magical images that fully align with who you are and allow you to take yourself out into the world proudly and confidently. I offer an extremely nurturing experience, ensuring space is held for you every step of the way.


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let’s connect

If you feel drawn to me and my work I would love to connect with you to see how my services can help you flourish.

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